Redecorating a single room or completely renovating an entire property to collaborating with your architect and or builder to refine the finer details.


An appointment is arranged to discuss your project in detail. Once the scope of the project, style direction, spatial elements and approximate budget have been considered we then develop a comprehensive design scheme including schematic plans, elevations, samples of materials and illustrations of furniture and fittings.

At this stage we discuss all aspects of the proposal and together review if any amendments are required and then prepare a detailed quotation of costs.


When all aspects of the project have been agreed a full design proposal is prepared with a full set of plans including detail of joinery and lighting and or schedule of furniture and fittings.

At this stage if you choose you to move forward with DLS we will commence project management, arranging procurement and manufacture of bespoke items.


A turnkey installation and delivery is a unique moment, led by the DLS a team of artisans and experts we work seamlessly to install the vision and a stunning ending to an exciting journey.

Hourly Consultations

Looking for advice, hourly consultations are most welcome as we understand sometimes it's just hard to know exactly how to pull the look you want together and for a small investment we can visit you and share our professional advice even if it's only for paint colours.